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Water Repellent Quilt

Humidity resistance  The hydrophobic layer is formed on the down, the hydrophobic strength is improved 20 times to resist the humidity
Fast dry  The dry time is shorten 43%, making wash more convenient
Warmer  The down surface is moisture free and 13% more fill power, keep much warmth
Anti-fungal  The down surface is always dry, reducing the growth of fungal
Washable  The hydrophobic effect remains unchanged after 10 times wash made by professional inspection institution
Odorless  Dry and free of fungal, the down is naturally odorless
Safe and environmental friendly  With strict inspection of REACH, safe and environmental friendly

Far Infrared Quilt

Patent certification, Keep warm. Natural temperature rising.
With test of Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology
the functions of product remain unchanged after washing

Nano Fill Power Quilt

Ultra fill power  After processing, the duck down fill power may reach goose down level FP820
Good bargain  Has fill power of goose down, but only half price of goose down

Down Silk Quilt

Down combined with synthetic
Very warm  According to the test report of Taiwan Textile Research Institute, the CLO value down silk is higher than 70/30 (70% down + 30% feather) duck down and more warmth keeping
Highly air permeable  100% cotton surface plus down silk filling, highly air permeable in long sleep
Washable  Available for normal washing, it will be more puffy after tumble dry

Charcoal Fiber Quilt

Patent certification, super warm
Heats up and insulates well  Increases 13.17°C in 10 minutes
Releases far infrared (FIR)  Emission rate 83%, stimulates blood circulation and promotes health.
Absorbs moisture and removes odor  Absorbs moisture and bad odor from the human body, and purifies the air (Removes Ammonia 90%, Acetic Acid 93%)

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