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Bamboo Charcoal Down

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Bamboo Charcoal Down

Down that burns up: 『Bamboo Charcoal Down』
*A combination of Micro Bamboo Charcoal Powder and Down*

1   Super fluffy

FP800+,more than regular FP600+, super warm

2   Heats up and insulates well

Increases 13.17°C in 10 minutes, body temperature rises fast and quickly warms up against the cold

3   Releases far infrared (FIR)

Emission rate 83%, stimulates blood circulation and promotes health.

4   Absorbs moisture and removes odor

Absorbs moisture and bad odor from the human body, and purifies the air (Removes Ammonia 90%, Acetic Acid 93%)

5   Inhibits bacteria

The dry environment inhibits the growth of bacteria Absorbs moisture and removes odor

Bamboo Charcoal Down

Test Report

Bamboo Charcoal Down

Temperature Increasing Video

90/10 Charcoal Duck Down can reach FP 815 in3/30g

Turbidity 1000m/m

Within one minute, temperature is 10℃
difference between charcoal down and regular down.

Taiwan & Japan & China

Bamboo Charcoal Down Patent

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