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Water Repellent Down

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Water Repellent Down

DownWax is a kind of water-repellent down. After it been treated by nanotechnology, a water-repellent layer is formed on the surface. Because the size of nano-particle is much smaller than the water molecules, the latter is difficult to infiltrate into the internal part of the down, and that provides function of water-repelling.

1   Humidity resistance

The hydrophobic layer is formed on the down, the hydrophobic strength is improved 20 times to resist the humidity

2   Warmer

The down surface is moisture free and 13% more fill power, keep much warmth

3   Washable

The hydrophobic effect remains unchanged after 10 times wash made by professional inspection institution

4   Fast dry

The dry time is shorten 43%, making wash more convenient

5   Anti-fungal

The down surface is always dry, reducing the growth of fungal

6   Odorless

Dry and free of fungal, the down is naturally odorless

7   Safe and environmental friendly

With strict inspection of REACH, the hydrophobic agent would not cause any harm to human body and environment

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